The TOEIC Guarantee course guarantees the goal score in a short time through systemic management and an intensive program.

1:1 Class

RC Part Review 2 hours (Part 5, 6, and 7)

Students will learn TOEIC grammar skills through basic patterns, key points, and know-how on how to find the correct answer for each question type and the text given in the test.

LC Part Review 2 hours (Part 1, 2, and 3, 4)

Instructors explain their know-how, and skills, and help understand the appropriate responses to questions, and repeat the study material until the student understands the content and focus on the student’s improvement on listening skill.

Group Class

Speaking Prescription

SP classes allow students to find their mistakes in speaking and practice their weaknesses. It will also help students get used to common expressions and have good pronunciation.

Sparta Speaking

You will practice speaking what you want with confidence through various speaking skills improvement activities prepared by your group class teacher.

Sparta GC Listening

Understand common expressions / Get the key of the topic in a conversation / Practice listening to the other person’s opinions / Identify the rules of liaison in English / Develop listening strategies.

Night Class​

Night class in the TOEIC Guarantee course has 2 hours of mock test and 1 hour of TOEIC vocabulary test.


To improve students’ skills in all aspect of the tests to enable them to attain specific target score


Students who need official test score.

Benefits of TOEIC Guarantee

1. When students can not reach the target score of 600, 800, or 900 after the course, a full tuition waiver is provided until they reach their target score (visa extension fee, dormitory fee, book, and bills will be charged.).
2. Two official tests will be provided(However, due to Corona, the official TOEIC test is not available in Baguio area. If it is not held, the TOEIC test fee subsidy is paid in pesos upon graduation.)

Conditions for TOEIC Guarantee

1. Guarantee class students lose their qualification for the guaranteed class with 1 warning. (3 late = 1 warning / 1 absence = 1 warning)
2. Must take the mock test (2 hours) and the vocabulary test (1 hour) every evening.
3. Must take an official test in 12 weeks