24 ESL Course is an Intensive program offered to different levels of ESL Learners. It focuses more on the improvement of linguistic ability for the duration of the student’s stay. This program is effective to passive students who basically need more facilitation than the actively studying student.

1:1 Class

Sparta Speaking for SP

Aims to help students respond without hesitation, and use vocabulary and expressions learned in class on weekly SP tests.

Sparta Reading

Aims to improve students overall comprehension through reading activities that develop vocabulary and comprehension which also would help with pronunciation.

Sparta Picture Description

In this class, students can learn how to describe pictures and how to think creatively.

Sparta Writing

Learn how to expand sentences with basic sentence structures through creation or writing.

Sparta Speaking

You can improve your speaking skills while expressing your thoughts on a specific topic.

Group Class

Speaking Prescription

Through the SP course, students can find their weaknesses and practice them. Each student will become fluent with expressions they practice often, and they can correct errors right away. It also helps with pronunciation.

Sparta GC Speaking

You will practice talking about what you want with more confidence through various speaking skills improvement activities prepared by your group class teacher.

Sparta GC Listening

To understand commonly used expressions / to get the point of the topic in the conversation / to practice listening to the other person’s opinion / to understand the rules of sound linkage in English / to develop a listening strategy.

Night Class(Mandatory)

During the night Class of 24 ESL, memorize 20 daily words(1 hour), 10 daily sentences (1 hour), Daily Test (1 hour).
* Daily Test Pass : More than 80% correct rate
* Daily Test (Mon-Thu) Failure: Write 10 daily test words/sentences that day


To provide high quality and efficient programs to our valued students helping them discover their weaknesses in communication and overcome them which would enable them to use the English language comfortably.


• Students who want to focus on improving their speaking skill in a short span of time.
• Passive students desire not only to improve their communication skills,
but also gain selfconfidence.