1 : 1 Classroom

BECI’s 1:1 classes are open everywhere. I can be in the classroom, in the garden, or balcony. BECI’s students know how to use its space well. BECI’s 1:1 classrooms look very open since it has glass walls. If you are a person who likes to be isolated, then go into the 1:1 classroom to study. If you are a person who likes to study in the open area, then go out to study at a table on the balcony.

Group Classroom

BECI is located on a beautiful hill. And BECI’s group classes have a fantastic view, and it gives a relaxing atmosphere to the class. You want to feel some energy? Then come to BECI’s group class with dynamic interaction among students and a teacher. In the spacy area, we will experience many different cultures with friends from other countries.