IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, an internationally recognized English proficiency test administered by the University of Cambridge, IDP and British Council. It is recommended for learners who plan to study abroad, immigrate or work abroad. IELTS Foundation course will help you build a solid foundation for the exam.

1:1 Class

IELTS Speaking

The class focuses on specific topics in IELTS speaking with the integration of strategies on how to deal with question in the speaking practice

IELTS Listening

Introduces the basics of IELTS listening to students including the different question types and strategies on how to answer them.

IELTS Reading

Introduces the basics of the IELTS reading to students including question types and strategies on how to answer them using easier materials that would fit the student’s level

IELTS Writing

The class mainly focuses on the grammar essentials of writing in IELTS


To familiarize students to the IELTS test


Students who have no background knowledge about IELTS and wants to gain basic skills in each section of the test