Cozy room in BECI the Cafe is customized by student. Large mirror with dressing table and spacious cabinets are guaranteeing convenience. In addition, with beautiful garden view and comfy beddings, Beci the Cafe will offer safe home for the students. 



1F Dining & Office 

2F Domitory Room for Male 

3F,4F Domitory Room for Female

Single Room

The spacious room is only for you. A large and comfy bed is waiting for you. Enjoy your private life while studying and enjoying your life here.

Double Room

Always better to have company when you are away from home. Share a cozy room with a friend from another culture.

Triple Room

One friend is not enough. Then let’s have two friends to share a room and your story with. Always the more friends is the better.

Quad Room (Ladies Only)

It is time to minglie with multi-national friends! Take an opportunity to have so much fun with your new friends from different countries!