IELTS GUARANTEE course is structured step by step for learners to effectively acquire the English skills and techniques required to get IELTS test scores. The program is tailored to the type of test you have (Academic or General) and guarantees a goal score based on your entry scores. 

1:1 Class

IELTS Speaking

The class aims to make students comfortable and confident in speaking. It focuses on differentapproaches to the three sections of thespeaking test. Questions from previousexams are included during the practicesessions.

IELTS Reading

The class focuses on skills enhancement for reading specifically dealing with the strategies for specific types of questions. Actual reading test materials are integrated on the practice tests for each question type

IELTS Listening

The class focuses on skills enhancement for listening which includes practical skills and strategies for each question type and each section of the listening test. It also includes practice test with previous exam questions.

IELTS Writing

The class aims to help students write effectively that would guarantee them higher band score. This focuses on the a detailed look at the tasks and how to prepare students for them.


To familiarize students to the IELTS test


Students who have no background knowledge about IELTS and wants to gain basic skills in each section of the test

Benefits of IELTS Guarantee

1. If you don't reach each IELTS target score, you will be exempted from tuition in full until you reach the guaranteed score (However, you will be responsible for the cost of non-natural equipment, dormitory fees, textbooks, and utilities.) 2. Official IELTS Test application fee provided(Once)

Conditions for IELTS guarantee

1. Guaranteed students will lose their qualification for the guarantee class with one warning. (3 tardiness = 1 warning / 1 absence = 1 warning)
2. Must take the mock test (1 hour), test review (1 hour), and vocabulary test (1 hour) Every evening
3. Certified within 12 weeks You must take the Official IELTS Test once.