Lite ESL is a Lite version of Speed ESL and This course is suitable for students who wants to study freely. It is also chosen highly by students who are determined to have a language training and come to BECI in the Philippines. Students are trained professionally with all of the modules so that students may be able to deal with English through balanced study in each areas of the English Language namely: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

1:1 Class


Students are taught a wide variety of practical and useful vocabularies and expressions to enable them to communicate with foreigners in and out of school. A correction note is provided to students.


The class is focused on reading-comprehension and vocabulary. Each section features twenty interesting, topically based reading passages that introduce the most common used vocabulary and idioms found in written English.


A series of books intended to familiarize students of different idiomatic expressions, how the idioms are clustered in their different forms, meanings and tenses.

Expression / Listening / Grammar / Writing

Students can request the classes to their teachers to be approved by the Coordinator.


To enhance and empower students skill in English by learning the four macro skills


Foundational and Basic students who either have a little or no knowledge of the skill or who want to refresh their knowledge of English.


Students can choose the ESL Course of below what they wants