What is API BECI International Language Academy?

BECI opened its NEW BECI in 2010 in Baguio.

It offers variety of course crafted to support our learners second language acquisition goals. Our curriculum is learner-centered and gives the utmost emphasis on the learning process as we expand our learners learning strategies so they could learn more by themselves and learn faster as a result. We understand that the Learning Environment is as critical as the other factors in learning thus we established our campus in a pristine location, where our students are one with nature, and designed our learning and living areas to ensure conducive learning and comfortable living. 

4 Reasons to Choose API BECI

1. Beci Educare System

Beci Educare is a unique innovation of API BECI. It aims to make student’s information and records organized and accessible online. Complete information such as academic, progress report, SP (Speaking Prescription) video recordings, consultation and etc. can be found in the system. Students, agents and parents of students can gain access to all the information using their given username and password. Upon enrollment until the courses has ended, all gathered information will be encoded into Beci Educare.

Course & Schedule
Speaking Prescription

2. System for Improving Speaking Skill : SP Test

SP  (Speaking  Prescription)  is  one  of  API BECI’s program and aims to improve students’ speaking  skill  in  a  more  intensive manner and generic process by checking the transcribed video. 

A professional teacher in charge of SP transcribes  the  student’s  spoken  output  from a recorded video and checks the errors on grammar,  pronunciation,  and  fluency. The grades are divided into 10 scoring categories based on an objective rating standard.
The score generated from these categories serves as the basis of student’s level.

3. The Qualified Teachers

API BECI is connected to TESLA, a training group focused on the ESL teacher’s development.  TESLA’s  president  is  the department  head  of  the  Training  and Curriculum  department  in  API BECI’s Campus. This assures a supply of competent  teachers  to  API  BECI.  An ongoing training is given to the teachers to make them even more equipped and qualified as teachers and mentors.

4. Management at It’s Finest

API  BECI  has  the  strongest  management for supporting students. We have valuable departments for improving our school such as Management Office, International Admissions Advisors, Marketing department, IT Managers & Computers Technicians,  Curriculum  Consultants, SP video team, Night class Coordinators, Employment  Coordinators,  Receptionists, Facilities Managers.